Your Future Is What You Make It!

There is much in life we have no control over, but there is a lot we can control also. Which is a great thing, especially for our future self.

With heading towards middle age I certainly take time to reflect on what I would like my future to look like. I know when younger it was of little relevance, but now, with some life lessons, maturity and a bit of wisdom, I definitely want to assist my future to be the best it can be, based on what I can control.

Our future is basically defined by the collective of all the little choices we make each day, which combined, directs many future outcomes. In reality, it is what we do in each moment that creates our future.

This is great in one sense. It means that small, everyday choices is all it takes to mold the future we desire. The downside is, it is easy to let those little consistent efforts slip away without thought or consideration.

This consideration needs to be given to all aspects of our life that impacts our future. Our health, lifestyle, wellbeing, social interactions, environment, living standard, work environment, stress levels, mental health, emotions, just to name a few.

‘If you have your health you have a 1000 dreams, if you don’t, you have just one’. – Proverb.

I have experienced this myself, without great health it is hard to enjoy all the other aspects in life. No money in the world can replace your health, hence why I am such a passionate advocate of preventative health strategies.

By this I am not just referring to being fit and having a great diet. It is about implementing a healthy lifestyle to carry into your future so you can keep following passions and dreams.

Your future is defined by the thoughts you choose to engage in. By the people you surround yourself with. By the environment you live in. How well you deal with stress and emotions. Whether you have good mental health. And, also exercise and nutrition.

It is a lot to focus on at one time, but often when you start improving one, it has a positive effect on the others. Our thoughts are definitely powerful and something I work on consistently. Thoughts have the ability to enhance or debilitate the way I perceive situations and life around me. I personally feel working on mindset is one of the most empowering things you can do.

In regards to nutrition, we are what we eat. It can take around 10 years for the body to turn over just about every single cell. Your body in 10 years time will reflect what it has been given to rebuild with. What do you choose? This doesn’t mean the diet needs to be meticulous, but provides quality nutrition most of the time.

Exercise is so essential too, for many reasons, along with prevention of illnesses, maintaining balance and ability to do every day activities with ease. Again, this doesn’t require an intensive daily exercise regime, but a variety of different activities regularly. Your future abilities count on what you do now, along with overall health, strength and fitness.

So, despite many parts of the future being unknown, there is so much that we can control and work on to help create our ideal future. I often encourage my clients in each moment to contemplate the choice that will enhance their goals, rather than inhibit them.

Our future is just one choice at a time. Live, laugh, love, have fun, move, eat good foods, surround yourself with amazing people, look for the good in life and practice gratitude.

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