The Feeling Of Great Health

People, like me, rant on about great health all the time. Probably quite annoying at times if it isn’t something on your radar. However, something I have spoken about lately is just how good great health feels. Unfortunately it is something truly hard to explain, it needs to be experienced.

So, I understand why it is hard for people to get motivated when you may not have any concept of the outcome. I remember after my last pregnancy the struggle to start moving more and losing the extra weight. It wasn’t easy, but I had the motivation of already knowing what better health felt like.

It definitely gave me an insight into how challenging it can be, as I knew the exercise wasn’t going to be comfortable, I had to change my eating and remove the excuses.

Recently I have been saying I wish I could give people a magic pill to just feel the overall sensation of great health. Just so they know what the effort will achieve and how good it feels. It is hard to talk yourself in to something you are not familiar with. Unlike buying a tangible item, you can’t hold it, see it, feel it and imagine it in your life. No wonder it can be a challenge.

But, for those of us that rant on about great health, it is because we know how fantastic people can feel and want to inspire others. Great health allows you to feel happier, more alive and content within yourself. It allows you to do all you have wanted with ease. Great health makes it more simple to get through the day with energy and vitality. It can help change your mindset and perspective on life. Create more fun and memorable experience. This is all worth the effort and you are so worth investing in yourself.

So, how do you even start?

I have had a few situations in my life where I have had to restart my health journey, so I am just like everyone else. I have had setbacks, illnesses and carried extra weight at times. So, I did what I encourage everyone I work with to do.

I started slowly.

Just a little bit extra movement each day. A short walk, a bit of extra activity and, with my last pregnancy, I started by just putting on some music and dancing with my children. I changed one thing in my diet and focused on that and slowly added in more.

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a complete overall at once. It can just be small daily changes that add up to long term results. Doing it this way may take longer, but if it means you don’t give up and continue each and everyday, you will be so proud of how your life has changed within a year.

Needing some tips on motivation to get started? Check out my blog that has the strategies I use with my clients.

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