Nutrition and Mental Well-being

What we eat not only impacts our physical health, but nutrition is involved in the state of our mental well-being too. It has now been established that nutrition can play a key role in the onset, as well as severity and duration, of some mental health disorders. Therefore, what we choose to eat is instrumentalContinue reading “Nutrition and Mental Well-being”

The Feeling Of Great Health

People, like me, rant on about great health all the time. Probably quite annoying at times if it isn’t something on your radar. However, something I have spoken about lately is just how good great health feels. Unfortunately it is something truly hard to explain, it needs to be experienced. So, I understand why itContinue reading “The Feeling Of Great Health”

Is Nutrition Really That Important For Performance?

Is nutrition REALLY that important for performance?  The short answer is YES it is!  Here is the longer answer….  The body can only perform as well as the nutrition it has to create energy and enhance recovery and repair.  When either nutrients are lacking to create energy or adequate nutrition isn’t provided to assist repairContinue reading “Is Nutrition Really That Important For Performance?”

Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Stop sweating the small stuff…. which is something I also have to remind myself of constantly. Because who really knows what is real anyway? I mean that seriously, as this is an area of life that intrigues me and assists in helping me change my entire perspective on life. To see it from a broaderContinue reading “Stop Sweating The Small Stuff”

NEAT… but don’t worry about tidy

You are probably already wondering what on earth I am talking about? Yes, it is health related and a way you can burn extra calories without planned exercise… sounds good right? I am talking about NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and it doesn’t have to be conducted in a tidy manner. In fact you canContinue reading “NEAT… but don’t worry about tidy”