Exercise For Healthy Ageing

Exercise has many benefits to our health. Many people often focus on exercise for fitness and body image. However an area of significance is the benefit of exercise for healthy ageing. As we age we tend to have higher risk of illness, disease and falls. The good news is however, exercise can be beneficial inContinue reading “Exercise For Healthy Ageing”

Is Lockdown Sending You Loopy? 🤪

Perhaps I am writing this for myself to reinforce what it is I need to be doing, but I thought I would share with others incase you can relate also. Anyone else feeling a little loopy from lockdown? I admire all those who have done lockdown a significant amount of times and are still sane.Continue reading “Is Lockdown Sending You Loopy? 🤪”

Better Health To Prevent Illness

There is no denying health is something high on the agenda at the moment. With the current global pandemic there are many reasons to focus on better health to prevent illness and a number of disease. Current research has indicated that those with better health have less risk of significant health issues if they wereContinue reading “Better Health To Prevent Illness”

Reasons To Exercise Apart From Weight Loss

For many people who are carrying extra weight it can be difficult to start an exercise program. This can be due to various factors such as low levels of fitness, joint issues, fatigue, difficulty finding a suitable activity, feeling uncomfortable and generally not enjoying the feeling of exercise initially. However, there are many health reasonsContinue reading “Reasons To Exercise Apart From Weight Loss”

Your Health When Raising Teens

How much are you caring for your health when raising teens? Sometimes I feel so much emphasis is placed on how to raise them. We forget however, about the importance of looking after ourselves in the process of trying to accommodate their unpredictable moods and behaviours. Typically, from my experience, being in better health (bodyContinue reading “Your Health When Raising Teens”