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Beat Burnout

What is better than having to beat burnout? Avoiding it all together! In all honesty, I used to think people complaining they were tired was just an indication they needed to improve their health and do a bit more for their wellbeing. But then I experienced fatigue 😩. Fatigue isn’t

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What Do You Consume?

What do you consume each day? When we think of consumption, most likely the thought of food and drinks comes to mind. However, we consume so much more, each and everyday, that can impact our health. Food and drinks certainly are the most notable consumption we make each day. Like

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Nutrition and Mental Well-being

What we eat not only impacts our physical health, but nutrition is involved in the state of our mental well-being too. It has now been established that nutrition can play a key role in the onset, as well as severity and duration, of some mental health disorders. Therefore, what we

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Your Future Is What You Make It!

There is much in life we have no control over, but there is a lot we can control also. Which is a great thing, especially for our future self. With heading towards middle age I certainly take time to reflect on what I would like my future to look like.

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The Feeling Of Great Health

People, like me, rant on about great health all the time. Probably quite annoying at times if it isn’t something on your radar. However, something I have spoken about lately is just how good great health feels. Unfortunately it is something truly hard to explain, it needs to be experienced.

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Is Nutrition Really That Important For Performance?

Is nutrition REALLY that important for performance?  The short answer is YES it is!  Here is the longer answer….  The body can only perform as well as the nutrition it has to create energy and enhance recovery and repair.  When either nutrients are lacking to create energy or adequate nutrition

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Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Stop sweating the small stuff…. which is something I also have to remind myself of constantly. Because who really knows what is real anyway? I mean that seriously, as this is an area of life that intrigues me and assists in helping me change my entire perspective on life. To

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Exercise Alternatives

So often I hear comments how people can’t exercise because it is too hot, too cold, too windy, raining, too busy etc etc. So, I thought I would share some of my exercise alternatives, as there are always ways to implement exercise into your day. Below are my exercise alternative

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New Year Mindset

So, here we are facing another year with fresh hopes, dreams and goals. A time where we focus on what we would like to achieve in the coming 12 months. A time to reflect on what has been and all that is to come. I find the New Year a

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