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Health Impacts Of Stress

Something we may not all be aware of is the health impacts of stress. Stress can impact our body in a number of ways and have significant impact on our health if endured long term. Don’t get me wrong a little bit of stress can be beneficial. When we need

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Reasons To Exercise Apart From Weight Loss

For many people who are carrying extra weight it can be difficult to start an exercise program. This can be due to various factors such as low levels of fitness, joint issues, fatigue, difficulty finding a suitable activity, feeling uncomfortable and generally not enjoying the feeling of exercise initially. However,

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Movement For The Mind

So often when we think about movement we relate it to exercise. Lately however I have had a number of conversations with people about reframing their thoughts around exercise. Not everyone loves to exercise, so my latest advice has been to focus on movement for the mind. Exercise has a

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Your Health When Raising Teens

How much are you caring for your health when raising teens? Sometimes I feel so much emphasis is placed on how to raise them. We forget however, about the importance of looking after ourselves in the process of trying to accommodate their unpredictable moods and behaviours. Typically, from my experience,

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How Do You Treat Yourself?

How do you treat yourself each day? Like a finely tuned precision machine or do you just get through the day driving like you stole it? 😂 Often when talking to people about their health and nutrition I will use the analogy of a vehicle to demonstrate my point. So,

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How To Build Muscle

Many people ask me how to build muscle? Some are wanting it for looks, some for strength, others to boost metabolism and some to enhance ease of daily activities. Typically there are two key factors to focus on to improve muscle mass – strength training and nutrition. With the body

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What Is The Best Diet?

The million dollar question – what is the best diet? Now, I so wish I could write this and outline the best diet for everyone, but I am not that closed minded in my knowledge or opinion. The answer is there isn’t one, as we are all different. If we

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Enter if You Dare 🤣

After just writing a blog about ‘Do You Really Need A Gym‘ I remembered an article I wrote a number of years ago titled The Scary Experience of Entering The ‘Guy’s’ Area. I must have been feeling a little cheeky at the time when writing this, but for all those

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Do You Really Need A Gym?

Do you really need to go to a gym? Again, like anything, the answer depends entirely on what you want to achieve. For general health and wellbeing, my personal opinion is no, but lets look at the options. For general health and wellness the recommendation is to accumulate at least

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