Movement For The Mind

So often when we think about movement we relate it to exercise. Lately however I have had a number of conversations with people about reframing their thoughts around exercise. Not everyone loves to exercise, so my latest advice has been to focus on movement for the mind.

Exercise has a number of physiological benefits to the body, but it is also great for the mind. Movement can improve mood, boost energy, improve mental clarity and is beneficial to assist with management of mental health. However, the thought of ‘exercising’ can be a deterrent in itself. So, if the thought of ‘exercising’ isn’t appealing, perhaps change your thinking.

A Few Suggestions

A number of suggestions I have made to clients lately consist of:

  1. Take the dogs out as they are deserving of having that special time with you and will appreciate the fresh air and run about.
  2. Your mental clarity to get through your day will be improved if you get some movement in before work.
  3. Being in nature is great for the body, mind and soul and assists with overall stress reduction.
  4. Great ideas often come to mind when moving about and allowing the mind to be curious and wander.
  5. De-stress by observing parts of nature, taking photo’s, finding interesting things to look at.

Plus, even a small amount of exercise can be beneficial to the body and the mind. I encourage people if they are feeling stressed or need to remove themselves from a stressful environment to do some form of activity. It helps remove frustration, boosts feel good endorphins, clears the mind and often helps in then dealing with situations at hand.

Personally, if I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed or in a bad mood, I get out in nature. Some days it might be a brisk walk, others I may just stroll and contemplate. It is while walking that I always have my greatest ideas, find resolutions, have revelations and de-stress my mind. The physical activity is a bonus.

So, if the idea of exercise isn’t appealing to you. Perhaps focus on other reasons to move that will enhance your you life. Having a healthy mind is certainly a valuable reason to move daily. So get your movement in daily to enhance your mind.

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