Hi, I'm Bec Kurtz

It is important to do what you love and have a vision in life. I am incredibly grateful to be able to follow my passion, purpose and do what I love daily.

I am an Aussie, country loving, personal trainer based in rural NSW. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), an Undergraduate Degree in Recreation and Human Movement and am a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

My purpose in my career, and life is to inspire people via education, knowledge and support, to improve their lives through the promotion of physical activity, optimal nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, emotional support and a positive mindset.

I enjoy encouraging people to enhance their health and overall wellness, to assist in creating a happier and healthier society and to be the best they can be, without the need to feel pressure to fit into what society promotes as ‘normal’.

I have a genuine consideration and concern for the environment, stemmed from growing up on our family farm. I value the lifestyle we choose to live and the impact this has on health and society as a whole and am determined to make a positive change to the amazing life we are given to enjoy and cherish.

It is easy to take our health for granted, I have done this personally, however, it is your most important asset. I encourage you to truly value it, as from my own personal experience, I know what it is like to experience life with limited health. It is not something worth risking.

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