Get Your Spark Back in Just 5 Days

Have You Lost Direction And Your Spark In Life?


Have You Given So Much To Others And Forgotten About Yourself?


Are You Tired, Exhausted And Fed Up With Feeling Frumpy?

My FREE 5 Day Mindset Challenge Is Just What You Need

I will help you:

5 Day Mindset Challenge

Learn in 5 Days what it took me YEARS to discover

I am sharing with you what I spent years having to work through myself personally to gain control of my life.


And I want you to have it… For FREE

What you get:

A vision of how you want your life to look


Confidence in yourself

Direction & Focus

The inner motivation to drive you to success


Hi, I’m Bec,
I am an Aussie, country loving, personal trainer based in rural NSW. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), an Undergraduate Degree in Recreation and Human Movement and am a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

I am a Mum of two girls and I have had experiences in my life where I have had to dig deep into my mindset to change my future and life. I have felt the confusion of wondering what happened to my former self, who I am now as an individual and the daunting feeling of ageing.This was a life changing experience and something that took me years to work through. The foundation of this is implemented into this 5 Day Mindset Challenge.

My purpose in my career, and life is to inspire people via education, knowledge and support, to improve their lives through the promotion of physical activity, optimal nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, emotional support and a positive mindset.
I enjoy encouraging people to enhance their health and overall wellness, to assist in creating a happier and healthier society and to be the best they can be, without the need to feel pressure to fit into what society promotes as ‘normal’.

In Just 5 Days You Can Have Different Thoughts, Actions And Be Chasing Your Dreams!

Why wait any longer? You have waited long enough.

You deserve to be flourishing and enjoying life to the fullest.

Don’t stop yourself from living the life you desire.


How it works:

Daily Email

Each day you will receive an email with a task to consider, contemplate and evaluate for the day.

Simple Daily Tasks

Each day builds on each other, until you discover what motivates you and how you will achieve it. Just through changing your thoughts and mindset. Let's ignite the fire within.

These tasks are practical and in simple steps, but yet powerful in what they can motivate with in. You have all you need within. It just needs to unlocked.

Let’s take control, stop the self sabotage and let our dreams become a reality.

You have all you need to overcome your barriers, with just a bit of guidance and support. I am here to help you along the way, as I know what it takes to change our lives around.

After being in the health and fitness industry I have made one major discovery when it comes to people changing their health and life.



The mind is super powerful and I want to help you unlock what has been holding you back from living a vibrant life with my free 5 day mindset challenge

Are you ready to change your life? Would you love to ignite that fire within that allows you to become unstoppable? Would you love to feel the elation of success and finally making that change you have always wanted?

Customer reviews

What people are saying?

Thanks so much for the 5 day program, it really got me thinking about what I am after and how I am going to achieve this.
Love the work, passion and encouragement you give to your clients Bec Kurtz.

Looking Forward To Helping You Get Your Spark Back in Just 5 days!

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