6 Weeks
To Change Your Life

NO Excessive Exercise

NO Starvation Diets

Simple And Easy

Based Around YOUR Needs

All Online

With My Support And Guidance 24/7

Are you feeling tired, uncomfortable and not confident within yourself?


Do you feel like you miss out on life due to this?


Feel negative about yourself and how people look at you?


Disappointed at not being able to enjoy all you can in life?


Regret not taking more care of yourself but not even sure how or where to start?


Perhaps even feeling embarrassed or ashamed?

Hi, I'm Bec

I can relate to those questions above. I have had regrets, felt ashamed and humiliated. I lost my health for years and felt like I was just existing and struggled to get though every day.


However, with consistent simple healthy habits, I have now regained my health and am living each day with energy, vibrancy and confidence.


I now coach men and women in person, and online, to increase their fitness and, most importantly, be as healthy as possible.


I have combined my personal experience with my formal education to create my Online Program that not only helps you Lose Weight but more importantly leaves you Feeling Energized and Vibrant. and Confident. 

Introducing my...

6 Week Back to Basics ONLINE Boocamp

The Must Have Simple Health and Wellness Program that helps you:

What you get:

Increased Fitness, Feel Stronger and More Confident

Simple strength and cardio exercise program that you can do at home. Suitable for those who are new to exercise. No equipment required.

Lose Weight Easily, Have More Energy

Nutrition program that is based around your lifestyle and what YOU want to focus on. Simple meal ideas. Optional supplementation tips to make your nutrition even easier and give you more eneregy.

Accountability and Support

One of the most valuable parts of this program is you have access to my 20 years of experience. I'm only an email away and here for nutrition, exercise and mindset support and guidance. Feel supported and understood and be guided through your journey.

Motivation Tips

Ever wondered why some people succeed and other don't? Most of the time it comes down to mindset. I'll be here to teach you my mindset techniques that make it easy to stay motivated and focused so you can easily achieve your goals.

How it works:

Week 1

Is all about being prepared including goals, mindset and why you want to change your health, personal health assessment and evaluation of social support, setting yourself up for success, learning how to ditch the junk, food diary and your personal habit to focus on. Included also is learning how to stay in shape without a gym and how to make exercise fun, plus the importance of gratitude.

Week 2-5

The following weeks consist of an exercise program, support email, mindset advice and establishing a personal nutrition goal. Each week you will check into to me for accountability with your wins, struggles or losses and we then make adjustments to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Final Week

Final week - We reassess and cement lifestyle changes into place and celebrate your progress!

You will skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that prevent many from losing weight and increasing energy and start to feel amazing.

All for Just $25 per week

Join Me For My 6 Week Online Program. Simple Methods Everyone Can Use To Increase Their Energy Every Time - Guaranteed!

You get all my knowledge, support and guidance for under $25 per week!

This program is based around making changes to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you LOVE TO LIVE each and every day.

6 Week Challenge Inclusions

Customers reviews

What people are saying?

My dress zipped up easily and I could still eat hehe. Everyone said I looked beautiful and healthy and I felt it too. Thanks again for your support and guidance😊
Mel. L
What an offer!! Love the work, passion and encouragementyou give to your clients Bec Kurtz. The content in your online Back To Basics Bootcamp is amazing. You are a star coach.
Wendy. L

Looking forward to helping you feel ENERGIZED and AMAZING!

You'll have so much more energy to do all the things you love.

All for Just $25 per week

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