Should I Be Counting Calories?

So, should I be counting calories? My answer is a yes and no. For a short period of time counting calories may be beneficial, but I don’t encourage it long term. Calories (or kilojoules) are the amount of energy in the food we consume. Some foods can be low in calories while others exceptionally high.Continue reading “Should I Be Counting Calories?”

How To Stop Over-Indulging

Events, festivities and special occasions often lead to the ability to over indulge. We have all been in situations where we need to stop eating or drinking, but somehow continue on. Don’t beat yourself up. No one is perfect. However, there are some strategies that can be implemented to help stop over-indulging. Keep these inContinue reading “How To Stop Over-Indulging”

Look Better From Eating Well!

I am definitely not up to date with all the beauty trends and that involved in enhancing external appearances. However, I do work with a beautiful woman who is well known in the anti-ageing industry with a passion for internal and external healthy ageing and how to look better from eating well. This has givenContinue reading “Look Better From Eating Well!”

Stress – My Top Tips For Managing Stress

Stress- we all experience it at times. Some stress can be good as it is motivating and helps us to achieve goals. Chronic, ongoing stress however, can have detrimental effects on the body. Our health, energy levels and knowledge of how to deal with stress can all impact how well we deal with stressful situations.Continue reading “Stress – My Top Tips For Managing Stress”

What actually defines success?

So often we look at success as the overall goal achieved, such as losing 20kg, lifting a certain weight, wearing a particular sized clothing or completing a challenge that we set. However, what if we were to reframe our thoughts around success. So many people at times feel like they fail at their goals asContinue reading “What actually defines success?”

Exercising For Your Future

Exercise for healthy ageing, another great reason to exercise regularly! Many people exercise for weight loss, or performance or for stress relief, but how about also exercising for your future? There are so many benefits of exercise due to the impact it has on the body and mind such as reducing risk of many illnessesContinue reading “Exercising For Your Future”