What Do You Consume?

What do you consume each day? When we think of consumption, most likely the thought of food and drinks comes to mind. However, we consume so much more, each and everyday, that can impact our health.

Food and drinks certainly are the most notable consumption we make each day. Like anything, these can benefit and enhance health, maintain health or be detrimental in assisting the development of illness and disease. Choosing mostly water as hydration and quality balanced nutrition can help maintain health and assist with the prevention of disease. You can read more about living a balanced lifestyle in my blog and also the benefits of nutrition for the mind here.

There are however other aspects of life that we consume daily that can impact our health and wellness. Some of these can be very silent, but still harmful.

Other people’s opinions

Firstly, lets look at the weight of other peoples opinion. How often do we allow the thoughts of how others see us to consume our mind? We put so many expectations on ourselves to live up to others opinions, when it may not be actually what is best for us. If living to others expectations doesn’t make you happy, is it worth it?

Toxic behaviours

Toxic behaviours can definitely consume a lot of time and energy, whether it be from others or ourselves. Being around toxic people can become overwhelming and drain significant amounts of energy. However, at times we can be the toxic ones, whether that being in thoughts or actions. Feelings of hate, jealousy, anger, rage, greed, pettiness, frustration and other negative emotions can become all consuming at times if we allow them too. Physically we can engage in toxic behaviours such a violence, excessive drinking, greed, manipulation, jealous acts, insecure behaviour, all of which aren’t beneficial to health. Being aware of these behaviours and either removing yourself from the situation or recognising and changing your own actions reduces the energy consumption and toll on health.

Environmental toxins

Every day we are exposed toxins in our environment. I am far from any expert in this area, but we have exposure from the air we breathe, the food we eat, water we drink and chemicals within the home and work. Obviously there is no way to completely avoid all of these, but being aware and taking protective actions where possible helps reduce over all consumption.

Negative thinking

Negative thoughts can become all too consuming at times. Often these are about ourselves or others close to us. How often do we replay scenarios in our mind, dwelling on situations or worrying about what might happen? Over consuming these thoughts often cause stress, and can lead to depression or anxiety. This is an area I have personally had to work on and change my thinking patterns to a more positive or at least neutral line of thinking. Remarkably, this can change the entire perception of life and situations in many cases. You may find my free 5 Day Mindset Challenge beneficial if you can relate to this area of over thinking

Information overload

We live in the age of information, which is great, but can become all too consuming at times. Everything is at our finger tips and we can find out information within a second. This definitely can be beneficial at times, but like anything, can be overwhelming if we are consuming too much at once, and no balance with other activities. Some information can be uplifting and positives, other daunting and fearful. Pick wisely what you feed your mind. I personally avoid most mainstream media as I often find it overwhelming and often sparks fear or concern providing unnecessary stress.

As you can see, we consume so much each and everyday. It certainly isn’t an area to become obsessive over, but valuable to be aware of what you’re allowing into your body, mind and soul. Some aspects we have little control over, but there are many we can limit or reduce the impact.

Remind yourself you’re worthy of only allowing the best of life to consume you.

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