Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Stop sweating the small stuff…. which is something I also have to remind myself of constantly.

Because who really knows what is real anyway? I mean that seriously, as this is an area of life that intrigues me and assists in helping me change my entire perspective on life. To see it from a broader angle, to let things go that are trivial and to try and avoid sweating the small stuff.

The human experience as a whole is intriguing and I often wonder if we take life way too seriously. How easy is it to stress about money, assets, what people think, looks, success…. in the end does it really matter? We can’t take it with us.

Perception of ‘Reality’

Something I am always amused by is the concept of reality, ‘real’, the truth. Do we honestly know what is real? Honestly? Our truth is based on our learning and perceptions. Reality is purely based on what we can perceive. It is all what we process in our brain, but is what we process real?

If you think about it, our senses are amazing, but extremely limited. Our vision is only such a small spectrum of light, hearing is the same. Our other senses are no doubt limited as well. All reality is then is just the interpretation of the brain from our senses based on our memories and learnt behaviors. Imagine what is around us that we can’t perceive, that we have no concept of? I personally find that exciting, but definitely makes me feel we have no idea of what is ‘real’.

Spectrum of light and the visible aspect that humans can perceive

So why let our ego, thoughts, people’s opinions, their perceptions and what we think is right, wrong, real, truth stop us from truly enjoying life?

My personal thought is to let anything go that doesn’t impact me personally… people’s opinions, thoughts, behaviors. Allow others to live life in alignment with what they feel is their perception on life and their ‘reality’ and focus on what brings about true happiness and joy. Because in the end, what can you take with you….the experience, the love you shared, the strength and growth you accumulated and a memory to others.

So, stop sweating the small stuff, because maybe in the end, it doesn’t even matter anyway.

My Tips
  • Focus on those you love who bring you peace, joy and happiness. Remove yourself from toxic people and situations. Why be around those who drain you or drag you down?
  • Be grateful for all the beauty in the world. I take time to be in nature and just look at all the wonderful, intriguing and amazing aspects of life that surrounds me.
  • Work on your mindset so experiences can be perceived from a positive perspective and enjoyed more thoroughly. The more positive your mindset, the more good you will see in every situation. This truly works as I had to change the entire thinking pattern of my brain to move from negative to positive.
  • Keep an open mind to all the amazing, complex and incredible aspects of life. The more you learn the more intriguing it is.
  • Try and keep the ego in check and minimize negative emotions as much as possible. Focus on enhancing positive emotions and thoughts.
  • Keep your body healthy so you can experience more of what this thing we call life has to offer. Eat well, exercise, focus on happiness and joy, keep your environment and social circle healthy.
  • Follow your heart and soul, as they often know what it is that will allow you to experience the most amazing experiences in life.
  • Be brave in following your passion, dreams and what brings you ultimate joy.
  • Give love, rise up, shine bright.

Just my thoughts while walking earlier that I thought I would share. If this resonates, all good. If not, totally fine. Take from it what you will.

Bec 😊

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