New Year Mindset

So, here we are facing another year with fresh hopes, dreams and goals. A time where we focus on what we would like to achieve in the coming 12 months. A time to reflect on what has been and all that is to come. I find the New Year a great time to contemplate the future. However, not only do we need to look at what we want to achieve, but also ensure we have a New Year mindset to achieve it.

Often when working with clients we speak about goals and what they want to achieve. It is so important to have a vision of what your ideal future looks like, feels like and the benefits the changes will have to your life. Have you contemplated what you would like to achieve this year? Not necessarily in just health and fitness, but in life in general. I encourage you to write it down and visualize what these goals will look like.

The other key thing however, is your mindset. It is all well and good to have goals, but without the mindset to achieve them, it can be a struggle. So often I have seen those focused on their goals go from strength to strength. I have also witnessed those who haven’t been in the right mindset fumble along with little progression. Mindset truly is key.

So, how can you enhance your mindset?

Below is a simple tool I often use with people to inspire them towards change. The key is that you need to be totally honest, real and raw with yourself. You can’t skip around any areas that may trigger you, because that is where the magic lies.

So, consider a goal is you would like to achieve this year. Now, ask yourself WHY this is important? When you get your answer, keep asking yourself WHY this is important to you. You may have to ask this 5 or more times until you get an answer that is deep, raw and possibly painful. The emotion will drive you more than the goal will.

An example of this can be weight loss. Say an individual wants to lose 20kg, that is their overall goal. Would 20kg be a driving factor or the realization that they feel uncomfortable and disappointed in themselves as they can no longer keep up with their children and do activities with them? The 20kg is just a number, the emotion is the pain that can drive the result.

Emotion sets the mindset to achieve goals. No one likes to feel negative emotions, so we can utilize this to drive us towards our dreams. All great achievements have moments of pain and discomfort, but it is worth every bit of pain you have to go through.

So, feel the emotion of WHY you want to achieve your goals, get uncomfortable, elevate the mindset and use it to drive you to achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of.

If you’re wanting to explore your mindset more, check out my Free 5 Day Mindset Challenge.

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