What About Spiritual Health?

I am not going to pretend that I am any sort of expert in this area, because I am not. I can only speak from my own experience and the general knowledge I have from a health perspective. However, when we look at health as a whole, spiritual health is a component of a balanced healthy lifestyle and so it is important to recognise.

A study from the Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine states ‘Participants defined spiritual health in three dimensions: religious, individualistic, and material world-oriented. The study revealed four types of connection in spiritual health: human connection with God, himself, others and the nature. The majority of participants stated that spiritual health and spirituality were different, and pointed out the following characteristics for spiritual health: it affects physical, mental, and social health; it dominates other aspects of health; there are religious and existential approaches to spiritual health; it is perceptible in people’s behavior; and it can be enhanced and improved’.

Evidently spiritual health is a very individualistic aspect, with less scientific definitions to guide and direct people in regards to health, however that doesn’t make it any less important.

Having a purpose, belief, direction and guidance in life is important for our overall wellbeing and health. Whether that comes from religious beliefs or otherwise is irrelevant, in my opinion. If the spiritual belief allows a person to be healthier, more grateful, happier and to live life guided by what brings joy and authenticity, then that is beneficial, regardless of what the actual belief is.

Spiritual health wasn’t something I personally focused on for a long time. I have only really embraced it in the last few years. So I am very much still in the learning part of this journey. Many people follow religious structures, which I completely respect. For me personally, I was more drawn to universal energy, meditation, connection to the soul and following the guidance from my heart. It is an interesting journey to say the least.

My initial interest was sparked from the likes of Gabby Bernstein and her book The Universe Has Your Back. I also enjoy Elizabeth Peru and the guidance she provides daily, weekly and monthly. Locally I have worked with a lovely lady, Tammie, who runs Zenzali – Zeninspired Soul Collective. From her I have learnt and gained a lot and am continually wanting to explore more. You can check out her website here or facebook page here. These are purely what sparked my interest and may not resonate with others, which is totally ok. This aspect of health in particular can be so diverse (and unfortunately controversial at times too).

I am always open to hearing others experiences, thoughts and opinion on this subject, so feel free to share any insights with respect to others opinions.

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