Is Lockdown Sending You Loopy? 🤪

Perhaps I am writing this for myself to reinforce what it is I need to be doing, but I thought I would share with others incase you can relate also. Anyone else feeling a little loopy from lockdown?

I admire all those who have done lockdown a significant amount of times and are still sane. It certainly is a challenge.

I personally have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and came to the realization I was allowing it to bring me down. Which doesn’t benefit my health or anyone around me. So, I am giving myself a kick in the butt to lift myself up for the sake of my health and those closest to me.

So, my strategies:

  1. Trying to avoid too much media as it enhances my stress – I don’t watch television or listen to the radio, and I am focusing on limiting online exposure.
  2. Walking, walking more walking – Movement is one of the things I find reduces my stress a lot. I am always more calm after a 30 minute walk.
  3. Being in nature and fresh air – Personally I find sunshine, fresh air and nature is soothing to my mind.
  4. Good nutrition and adaptogens – What I put in my body has an impact on my mind. Good quality nutrients and avoidance of high sugar foods help. I also find adaptogens are great for my mindset, stress levels, energy and mental clarity.
  5. Breathing and mindset work – Taking time to be present, mindful and focus on my breathing can be exceptionally calming when feeling overwhelmed
  6. Laughter – I love to laugh, and is great for the soul. Whether it be a joke with family or friends, a funny meme or video, laughter can brighten your day.
  7. Friends and social support – Having people to turn to for support on days that are challenging can change the mood of your day. Always reach out if you’re struggling.
  8. Perspective and gratitude – Taking time to reflect on all the good things in your life can change your perspective from negativity to appreciation. Take time each day to appreciate what you do have.

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Just know, you’re not alone in this, we are all struggling in our various, individual ways. Make sure you take time to look after yourself and give yourself a break. It is ok to have moments that get you down, but implement some of the above to pick yourself back up again.

And, if does get too much, reach out for professional help. I have been there myself, it isn’t easy but beneficial.

Take Care.

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