Your Health When Raising Teens

How much are you caring for your health when raising teens? Sometimes I feel so much emphasis is placed on how to raise them. We forget however, about the importance of looking after ourselves in the process of trying to accommodate their unpredictable moods and behaviours.

Typically, from my experience, being in better health (body and mind) can make it easier to deal with the moods, attitudes, chaos or shut downs. Since they know it all and don’t listen anyway 😏😉, perhaps the best we can do is focus on being the best we can be and lead a good example?

So, here are my tips on how to enhance our health to maintain sanity and some sort of balanced health:

  1. Don’t have kids 🤣… kidding. But if you’re still at the stage of having an angelic little angel that you couldn’t ever imagine thinking a negative thing about, start implementing the below now!
  2. Start having positive conversations with yourself. Who cares if you’re talking to yourself it will be better than what is directed at you later. Tell yourself how amazing, worthy, wonderful, beautiful and incredible you are. This self esteem is essential as they will try to rip it to shreds at a later date. Learn to deflect words such as old, cringy, nerd, embarrassing, ancient etc. Believe in yourself.
  3. Laugh at yourself and find humour in life, because nothing you say or do will be funny to them at all!
  4. Save for sensor lights and self closing doors, or alternatively increased electricity bills as it is absolutely impossible for them to close doors or turn off lights and it will drive you crazy.
  5. Don’t ever wake them unless essential 👹. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. If you do, be prepared. If they say they are up, check. Apparently being up involves still lying under blankets.
  6. Find a place of seclusion for time out. A sound proof room with lockable doors would work best. Snacks and alcohol can be stored in this said area.
  7. Get a dog, they are always pleased to see you and provide better conversation.
  8. Buy extra glasses, cups, cutlery etc. They all end up with that other sock somewhere. Extra cups mean you don’t have to enter the dark zone just to make your morning cup of sanity.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to other parents. None of us have any idea what we’re doing.
  10. Don’t speak or look at them wrong way. FYI the wrong way changes daily. Just talk to the dog.
  11. Practice gratitude. Think of everything else that is great in life apart from a moody teen who only wants money or a lift.
  12. Get to the bathroom first, otherwise you may have to wait hours……
  13. Sleep when you can. It is essential for sanity.
  14. Exercise for mental health. Take frustration and insults out on a boxing bag or something similar. Visualize whatever you like 🤜🧒
  15. Buy food that is good for your health. No matter what you have it won’t be good enough or there will be ‘nothing to eat’ as always.
  16. Be happy with not being perfect. No matter how perfect you try to be it will still be ‘wrong’….on every level possible, so don’t stress yourself trying to achieve the unachievable.
  17. Accept being ignored, again talk to the dog. If you want attention, turn off the Wi-Fi, which is also a great punishment. However, make sure said room from number 6 is prepared for immediate use, with snacks and alcohol
  18. Loud music is a given. Get outdoors, retreat to number 6 as listed above, or join in and try and be cool and they will soon disappear with mumbles about embarrassing parents.
  19. Thinking WTF, head shaking and temple massages are all parts of self care.
  20. Learn how to just ignore at times. Only stress about the big things and emphasize these.
  21. Have fun with them when you can, give them space when required, walk around like they are eggs ready to explode at any time, and they could be rotten and expel their stench all over you. Or, they may not, they could be a sweet cadbury egg full of something nice…. who knows? But can change at any minute…. from sweet, to rotten, to broken, to hatching a different species… It is always an mysterious game of see what’s next.
TBH ….. see how cool I am 😂😉

In all honesty though, raising kids can be hard and there is so much uncertainty and questioning of ourselves as parents. The one thing we can control however is attempting to create the best versions of ourselves mentally, physically, socially, environmentally and spiritually. This allows us to be the best when focusing on how to raise, guide and mentor our children. So often I see Mum’s putting themselves last and they comment how they are stressed and snappy. I encourage them to take some time for themselves to regroup and come back happier and more focused. This may involve a walk or just 5 minutes peace.

We are role models to our children. So learning to respect and care for our health when raising teens sets a good example that they may follow at some stage. Whether that be in exercising or eating good food. Perhaps working on their mindset and control of emotions. Maybe being conscious of their environment or interaction with others. We never know what action may inspire them to better themselves, but being the best we can be definitely is a good place to start from (but don’t EVER expect them to acknowledge anything positive you do 🤣).

So, what can you do to improve your health when raising teens? Go on and be a bit selfish, take a leaf from their book 🤣

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I hope you find some value and humour in this post. I am sure there is plenty more to add and always more to learn and discover. My theory is to just take it one day at a time and try to stay sane.

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