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After just writing a blog about ‘Do You Really Need A Gym‘ I remembered an article I wrote a number of years ago titled The Scary Experience of Entering The ‘Guy’s’ Area. I must have been feeling a little cheeky at the time when writing this, but for all those who are familiar with this scenario may find this amusing, because it is true. Do you dare to enter the ‘Blokes’ section? . There are many benefits….. if you can deal with the below.

No doubt anyone that has ever trained in a decent size gym will have noticed the area where all the blokes accumulate, with the heavy weights, their protein shakes nearby, the many mirrors and where you probably hear many grunts, groans and other testosterone fueled sounds.

Understandably this may seem a little (or perhaps a lot) intimidating for most women, possibly men too, particularly if you happen to get glared at like some unusual creature if you dare enter this sacred space. However, why should women avoid these areas? There are many pluses for working out in this part of the gym that are just as beneficial for women as they are for the other inhabitants of this perceivably guarded area.

Firstly, you may well notice that this area will most likely contain a significant amount of mirrors which are certainly utilised to their full potential. Now these mirrors are not put there to check out your flexed biceps or ripped abs (despite how often they are used for this exact cause…. cue need to wipe brow with shirt). The real reason for mirrors in gyms is to monitor technique (who knew hey ), which is an exceptionally important part of training. With bad form, come injuries. Mirrors are used to check your form from various angles to enable you to correct and readjust any techniques that may be inadequate. So embrace the use of the mirrors and ignore the flexing next to you (if you choose to, or enjoy it which ever takes you fancy).

Another reason for embracing the use of this area is this is where you will find the bulk of the free weights. Machine weights can be great for those starting an exercise program, however you will get better results overall from the use of free weights. Your body has to activate a number of stabilising muscles when using free weights, unlike the guided machine weights. So free weight will help with better results, which is what we are all after, right?

Thirdly, there is no written rule that this area is for blokes only. It is purely due to the heavier weights that they like to accumulate in this area to talk about how much each can lift and outdo one another. If you can put aside the testosterone fuelled competition and rather loud grunts, groans and snorting, you have the potential to take your workout to a new level. For this issue I suggest a great set of headphones and loud music, or take a few friends with you and train together and maybe even try grunting and groaning yourself (and then check out their reaction ).

And fourthly, yes some of these men may look (and sound) intimidating, however, despite perhaps a few meatheads who have discriminating views, you may well discover most of these guys are actually genuinely nice people, who will be quite willing help you. Alternatively they are too self-absorbed to even notice you there anyway.

The key is to look at your best interest and how you will achieve the results you are working towards. After all, this is what these guys do, when they want to lean out they are quite happy to come over and sit on a bike or a rower. So if you want to get stronger, why not incorporate the style of training that will benefit your results. Everyone is there for their own best interests, so dont be intimidated by guys that can lift twice your weight, or dont be ashamed if you use the lightest dumbbells or the first plate on the machine. It is all about doing what is best for you. As they say, if you dont look after number 1, who will.. Probably not the grunters observing their physique in the mirror

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