So, you want a quick fix?

I get it, life is much easier when you can find a simple solution. However, I want to talk about what we may just be missing out on…. stay with me on this.

Something that comes up in the health and fitness industry a lot is quick fixes. I totally understand why people want to find an easier solution to their health and wellness goals, and in some cases, there can be products, equipment and strategies that really are beneficial.

However, I want to share with you a little about an experience I had. Those who have read a number of my blogs may be aware of how I experienced total burn out back in 2013/14. Initially when things started to go wrong I was looking for a quick and easy solution. Thoughts consisted of perhaps needing more rest, taking a week off training, trying a vitamin supplement, hopefully just a deficiency, maybe just a little too much stress.

I didn’t want to deal with a long term process, I had children to look after, work to do and a degree to complete. I didn’t have time for illness.

But, my body had other ideas and all fell apart. I won’t go into the long draw out year or so of recovery as what I really want to focus on is what I gained from this experience. I never expected at the time I would look back and actually be grateful for this happening to me. It wasn’t fun at the time but what I gained from it was invaluable.

From this I gained an inner strength that I never knew I had. I had to learn how to control my thoughts and mind to assist with what was best for me. I learnt to listen to my body and what it needed. I had to focus on all aspects of my health and what areas had been neglected and needed nurturing. I learnt so much more about various parts of life, nutrition, energy, thoughts, emotions and how to balance these into an aspect of health that worked for me. I had to learn to accept to rest when I needed it and be ok with that. Of particular importance, I learned the value of great health and not to compromise my health and wellness again.

My story is more about my mindset and health, but I see this also with exercise, weight loss and nutrition. Again, I understand why people want an easier option. Who enjoys painful exercises, sweating, inability to breathe properly and actually doing this by choice 😂😂. However, recently I was speaking to my clients about the value of experiencing the journey to better health and all that is to be gained from going through this. Yes it is hard, but I see so many positive changes in people’s mindset, attitude, confidence, strength and belief in themselves.

This is gained through them choosing to come to training when they don’t want to. Through deciding to have a healthier option over quick and easy. By focusing on their goals and believing they are capable and worthy of achieving all they desire. By continuing even when they feel like nothing is happening and not giving up even when it would be easier. It is through strength, courage, determination and choosing to change their future that the real growth and experience comes from. The journey is the most valuable part, not the destination.

So, with this in mind, is the quick fix worth it? Maybe the most valuable part of what every experience has to offer is totally missed by trying to find an easy option. Some of the most valuable lessons we gain in life is who we become along the way. Not something worth missing or avoiding. 😊

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