The Key To Success…

The power of consistency and persevering!

This can be one of the key foundations to success once you start your health and wellness journey.

Let me tell you about one of my awesome clients….

She started with me roughly a year ago. Each week I would ask her how she is going, how her nutrition was, exercise level and if she was noticing changes based on the strategies we had set. For 11 weeks she didn’t notice a thing! I felt I could see changes in her, more so in her confidence and general demeanour, but she hadn’t noticed anything, but she kept coming and doing what I asked of her.

Now, she trains 3 days a week, her fitness and strength have improved incredibly, she has had noticeable changes in body composition and comfortable to wear shorts in public which she hadn’t done for years. Imagine though if she gave up after a month because she hadn’t seen any benefits?

A similar scenario happened today with a client doing my 6 week online program. For the first few weeks the scales wouldn’t budge, but she happily reported today over 3kg down. She stuck with it and gained the result she was after.

The body can be a fickle thing. It tends not to like change and can be extremely stubborn at times, hence why consistency and persevering is essential.

Obviously programs and strategies can be altered a little along the way, but it is important to allow time for changes to occur, not just jump from one program to another or give up easily.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily, so focus on your goal and continue working towards it. It will be worth it and you will be so pleased you didn’t give up.

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  1. Great blog Bec. Next time worth a small call to action or p.s – Do you know I offer monthly mentoring to keep you on track!

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