No One Is Perfect

News flash… no one is perfect and attempting perfection can sometimes lead to complete imperfection.

I failed miserably trying to be the perfect role model in the fitness industry along with Mum, student, trainer. My goal was to do it all and be fit, lean, train like a machine, study, raise children and stay sane. I ended up in a messy spiral into a dark hole. It wasn’t pretty, and taught me to aim for balance and health rather than perfection.

We all fall off the wagon at times. Either by choice, subconsciously or due to situations out of our control and that is life. We have to learn to flow with the highs and lows that come our way. The key thing though, is not to stay there. Don’t beat yourself up, think negatively of yourself or become deflated.

Just make a conscious decision to continue on with the journey. You are worth it.

Some Useful Tips

Even a small change each and every day can lead to great changes over time. It may take longer, but even if it takes 5 years to be healthier, happier and living life more energetically it is worth it.

Consistency is truly the key to success.

Examples of small changes that could be implemented daily are:

  1. Cutting out soft drink
  2. Parking further away from a destination
  3. Not having dessert
  4. Waking earlier for a walk or mindset work
  5. Drinking more water
  6. Having alcohol free days
  7. Going to bed earlier
  8. Increasing vegetable intake
  9. Practicing gratitude each day
  10. Choosing a healthier snack option

None of these require huge changes to your daily lifestyle, however by consistently implementing a small change daily, results will occur over time. Just make sure if you fall off the wagon, you dust yourself off and jump straight back on.

Aim for practical over perfection.

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