Top Tips For Fat Loss

The theory behind weight loss, or realistically fat loss, is often fairly straightforward – use more energy than what you are taking in. However, putting it into practice is usually the tricky part. Having some top tips for fat loss can help.

Below are my key points on how to tip the scales to assist with fat loss through increasing energy expenditure and/or reducing energy intake.

1. Move more
Every extra movement through the day can assist with more calories being used by the body. This is known as NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). Move more, take the stairs, pace while on the phone, park further away are all ways to increase NEAT.

2. Have protein with every meal and snack.
Protein requires more energy to break down and increases your metabolism. Examples of proteins are lean meats, eggs, dairy, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, lentils.

3. Build muscle with strength training.
The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism. Extra muscle is not only great for metabolism, it also assists with ease of daily activities and many other health related benefits. This can be simple body weight exercises 2-3 times per week.

4. Have foods that boost metabolism.
Some foods assist with enhancing metabolism. Some examples are hot and spicy foods, cinnamon and green tea.

5. Add higher intensity intervals to any exercise.
When walking, swimming, cycling, jogging try to add in small increments of higher intensity exercises to lift your heart rate. This potentially can have you using more calories after your workout has ended.

5. Carbohydrates aren’t bad, but too much at once can impact your hunger cues.
Often if we have just carbohydrates we can find ourselves hungry within a short period of time due to the insulin response and a drop in our blood sugar levels. By pairing carbohydrates with protein and healthy fats we stay full for longer, with less dramatic insulin response.

6. Try to exercise most days of the week and add variety.
Consistent exercise is key to utilising more calories. Have variety in your exercise. Walk one day, do a class another, strength training on another day. Change it up to keep the body from becoming accustomed to the one activity.

7. Eat a variety of different coloured foods, especially vegetables.
Our body requires a number of specific nutrients each and everyday. Often when we are craving foods our body is looking for specific nutrients. By having variety of quality foods we can fill those gaps and sometimes ward off the cravings.

8. Drink water when you are hungry.
Sometimes when we are hungry we are actually thirsty. Have a drink of water first and monitor a little later if you are still genuinely hungry.

9. Focus on your moods
Are you really hungry? Or more so bored? Angry, Frustrated? Sad? Identify if your hunger is mood related and if you could do something alternatively. Perhaps take a walk.

10. Go out for treats.
Try to avoid having those foods and drinks in the house that are calorie, sugar and fat rich. Instead go out for them as a treat that way you have to think more about your choices and if you really want that ice cream? Chips? Soft drink? Cake? Etc..
If you need to have those types of food in the house for other family members, try to put them out of sight and somewhere that takes a little more effort to get, so you don’t just consume them without thinking.

Can you identify with any of these top tips for fat loss? Which one could you start implementing into your lifestyle today?

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