There is more to health than what you weigh

So many people focus on weight as a key indication of their health, which, yes, it does play a role, but definitely not the only aspect of good or bad health.

Excess fat does tends to create an inflammatory response in the body, however, there are other key aspects too that can reduce or enhance this inflammatory response. Being lean doesn’t mean great health either and can have health implications as well if too little fat is available.

However, before I move onto other indicators of health, something I typically always encourage my clients to do is use more than weight as an indication of their fat mass. Often when I start training clients the weight loss can be slow to occur on the scales. I tend to recommend girth measurements, skin folds and photographs, so they can get a bigger picture of what is going on. Weight can be deceptive at times, and definitely deplete motivation when it doesn’t appear to be budging. I also get my clients to look at their lifestyle as a whole, not just their body composition.

So, what are other key areas of health, apart from weight, that contribute to health?

There are many, such as fitness, strength and flexibility, nutrition and hydration, sleep, mindset and mental health, environment, social health, emotions and spiritual health. Having a balance in these is important to overall health and wellness.

Interestingly enough, if we focus on these areas of health, typically fat loss will occur as it is a result of an imbalance in our health, not a cause.

This doesn’t mean you have to start a vigorous health regime, it can be as simple as picking the area you feel is lacking the most. For example you may try to move more regularly, or focus on eating more nutrient dense foods and drinking more water. Perhaps reducing stress levels, as high stress can cause the body to maintain stored fat, and getting more sleep. Or maybe laugh and have more fun socially or improve your environment if it is toxic in anyway. There are so many ways to improve health.

What is it that you know you need to focus on the most? Pick one thing and start there.

By enhancing various aspects of our health, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, all impacts the physical body in one way or another on an energetic level.

So, my advice is balance your health and let the weight take care of itself as a result.

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