Mindset – your greatest strength or weakness

When I first started my career a number of decades ago, my main focus was exercise, then I started to learn more about nutrition and over time I became intrigued with the mind and how it impacts health and wellness.

One thing I have discovered over time, often through anguish and frustration, is the mind and emotions are the foundation to success or lack of. These days when working with clients my initial key questions are around their goals, desires and the reasons for wanting change, as I have discovered over time, I can only help those who really want to change. It doesn’t matter how much I want to help someone, or want it for them, or how much I know it will change their life. The choice ultimately has to come from the individual based on how badly they want the results and the emotional reason why.

I have seen people who desperately need to change, but continually sabotage, make excuses and give up, but I don’t judge as their reason for wanting to change wasn’t strong enough at that time. I have also so seen those who have decided to change their lives and they are unstoppable and it is such an amazing journey to witness and be part of.

This usually comes down to their deeper reason why. Many times we have goals of losing weight, being a different size and hitting a certain benchmark, however, the real drive comes from something deeper than that and it is usually, if not always, emotionally driven. For example, weight loss may be a goal, but a certain number on the scale isn’t going to be what drives an individual. What is more likely to be will be pain from excess weight, feeling judged, criticism from others, the deflation of having to buy a bigger size, not able to do certain things in life, possibly the feeling of embarrassment? Lack of self worth or value? Maybe humiliation? This also could be exactly the same on the other side of the spectrum where someone is too thin, so please don’t feel I targeting overweight people. This is purely an example of the emotional factors that can be a driving force if identified.

Getting to the core of this can be challenging and not something that people want to acknowledge or address at times, which I understand. It is often easier to ignore the emotions, make excuses and carry on. We all do that at times, how often do we say we are busy, don’t have time, have other commitments, can’t afford it or just not ready at this time.

But when the pain, emotional upset and discomfort gets too much, this is where the magic happens. The excuses are pushed to the side, the time is made, courage and consistency comes into play and the results start to occur. Moments like this are inspiring.

Often I will ask my clients what they want to achieve and from this I ask them why, and continue asking ‘why’ until we get more to the emotional trigger. This is something you can try yourself, however you need to be open to being and real and raw with yourself and how you feel. Take the time to really feel how thoughts effect you emotionally and then ask why again.

A number on a scale or a dress size isn’t going to drive someone to change their life, however moving away from some form of discomfort to a place of feeling competent, confident and successful within is definitely a far more powerful driving force.

So, when it comes to change, the mind is the most powerful tool we have. How are you going to use yours? Will you dig deep and use it to elevate you to new heights? It is all in the power of our mind, thoughts and emotions. Your future is waiting on your choice.

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