Live Life Big…. Sustainably

Sustainability is everything right, in our lives, environment, finances, health. Living life and sustainability is something I am passionate about promoting and creating within my own life too.

This blog has come about from a great conversation I had with one of my clients this afternoon. It was one of the moments where I managed to articulate my thoughts in a manner that described so much what I stand for and I have decided to now have this as a motto for life. Read on to understand what I mean by living big… sustainably.

Often it is easy to get so caught up in life and all the should and shouldn’ts, do and don’ts, right and wrongs. We spend so much time trying to fit in, find our place, conform, do all we think we should be doing, to perhaps discover the key things in life are to really experience happiness, love, contentment and absolute joy in as many moments as possible. Who doesn’t want to experience more of that? To truly experience the best in life?

I know personally, I don’t wish to get to the end of my days to regret not doing more or living life in a big way, and especially if this is due to my own choices. I still want to be having great experiences well into my old old age.

So, what allows us to be able to continue living life to the best of our ability? Money helps, but in essence, it is our health. When we are feeling great, healthy, energetic and fabulous within ourselves we are in a better position to enjoy all life has to offer. It is typically hard to make the most of an experience if you are unwell in any form. It can be painful, tiring, difficult and generally hard to appreciate the experience fully.

Many times I talk to clients about creating their future and how choices they make now determines what their future will potentially look like. What we eat creates the new cells in our body, how fit and strong we are determines what we can and can’t do. A healthy mindset allows us to appreciate and enjoy more of life, and having a fantastic environment and social structure assist with joy and happiness.

So, in order to be able to enjoy all life has to offer, to have more experiences, to make the most out of each and everyday, having sustainable health is essential to allow us to live big. And by sustainable I don’t mean having to endure strict eating plans, intense exercise and focusing on meditation for hours, it is simply having a balance in life allowing us to be our best version of ourself sustainably.

I choose not to spend my old age sitting and watching life go by, I want to be out in it, still living each day and creating memories. If that means having healthy meals the majority of the time, exercising most days and working on my mindset and environment, then it will be worth the pay-off in the long run.

Let’s all focus on no regrets, living big, experiencing life and giving ourselves the opportunity to be able to embrace all of life with absolute fun, love and pleasure. What have you got to lose anyway by giving yourself the best opportunity for a fabulous future?

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