Can Health Become Unhealthy?

Interesting question, and the short answer is yes. I know many of you may be thinking how can health possibly become unhealthy, but believe me it can be. Read on, as I am all too familiar with this from personal experience.

Health in a holistic balanced approach is great and ideal, hence why I am so passionate about promoting the word ‘balanced’. However, it can be easily become unbalanced if we aren’t careful.

Anything in excess can become unhealthy. Whether it be exercise, certain foods, social engagements or mindset practices. Even excessive water can be unhealthy and can actually cause death if over consumed due to electrolyte dilution. This is an extreme example, but you see my point.

How often do people become a little obsessive about their exercising, or their nutrition, or perhaps get caught up in a spiral of stress and mental debilitation? At what point do these activities move from being healthy to potentially unhealthy?

My answer would be when they start to impact the other areas of our health and tip the scales into an unhealthy balance.

Good health requires an even balance of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental health. If, for example, our social lives are impacted by our need to exercise and eat specific foods, then potentially the balance in our health is being tilted. The same applies to the opposite scenario in which if we are focusing on our social endeavors, at the expense of our nutrition, exercise and sleep, again our health balance is tilted towards an unhealthy balance.

I never encourage my clients to omit anything from their diet or lifestyle. Life is about living to the fullest and enjoying the best of life, while balancing it with choices that will allow you to continue living the best of your life and to achieve and experience all you desire.

Great health should never be about deprivation or anything that requires extreme approaches, unless that is something you gain pleasure from and willing to balance your health around it.

Take a moment to consider what areas of your health may be lacking or perhaps a little too rigid or excessive. What can you do to bring this back to a healthy balance? Please reach out if you need any advice or tips.

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