What Do I Do?

What do I do?

I love helping people.

That is the short answer anyway 🤣

The long answer….well, often when people ask me what I do I say PT, as it is simple and most people relate, but there is so much more to what I do, although typically I save them the monologue of information 🤣

My passion is health education and I am a bit of a self confessed nerd for all things science and health related. I love to learn and share what knowledge I gain.

I love helping people improve their health and their lives so they can enjoy all there is to experience on this planet. Much of my work involves coaching and problem solving around mindset, thought patterns, nutrition, exercise, social situations, family, lifestyle, energy and their environment.

I love giving advice and knowledge to help people change their thoughts or perceptions and add small changes that add up to big changes over time.

I coach and support on nutrition and have my online nutrition business and work with people to develop an eating plan that works for them.

I help and support people around the world.

I give my time, knowledge and information, probably too freely, but I love to make a difference.

I motivate, inspire and uplift people to help them believe in themselves as I know what it is like to have self doubt.

I put people through pain, in a beneficial way 🤣I work on their muscular imbalances to correct movement and posture and build up fitness. Yes, my clients often call me many names, not polite ones either 🤣

I listen to them groan and complain they can’t do something, but celebrate with them when they achieve their goals.

I build strength in people in body and mind to help them be all they can be.

I laugh with them, grow with them, support them and empathise when needed. I will also give them a kick in the butt when needed too.

I see people change, when they don’t see it themselves and remind them how far they have come.

I help people lose weight, gain muscle and see them find the confidence in themselves they have been lacking. It is amazing to see people light back up.I love to witness lives changing, knowing I have not only impacted them, but everyone else who is part of their life.

I am not sure how you explain all that in a simple way, except for I love helping people to be their best selves.

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